Euphoric Entertainment

“Music is what feelings sound like…” - Euphoric Entertainment

Standing back, watching a wedding party dance the night way to their favorite music, we breathe a sigh of relief. After months and months of meticulous planning, design and details gone over with clients, the final hours of the wedding can make or break the entire day. With Eric Larson from Euphoric Entertainment in the DJ booth, we know the night is in incredible hands. It’s not just Eric’s many years of experience that matter, it’s his commitment to delivering the absolute best experience for his clients and his positive, can-do attitude that make all the difference.

Last summer we worked a wedding at a popular Duluth venue - Park Point Beach House with Eric as the DJ. When a windy day by Lake Superior turned into the most beautiful, calm evening, Eric didn’t bat an eye when I asked him if he’d be willing to move the dance party outside. There are so many DJ’s that would have struggled with this ask. Moving equipment, disrupting the show, so many excuses could have prevented the change in plans….but Eric was game and jumped on the chance to thrill the clients and take advantage of a rare opportunity for dancing under the stars.

When we work with Eric, we truly feel like we are on the same team. He never hesitates to assist other vendors and he will go above and beyond to make a wedding day perfect. He’s even let us borrow his car… Choosing the entertainment for your wedding day is a big decision. We strongly recommend doing your research, interviewing the vendor and making a choice based on who you think will best bring your wedding day over the finish line.

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