Better Together.

We spend a lot of time talking about vendors with our clients. Our initial meetings always include a review of all of the vendors already hired and the categories where referrals will be needed down the road. We are so lucky to be able to guide our clients towards the best vendors for their specific needs and to have such an amazing list of local professionals to choose from. All events require a team effort. Crafting the dream team benefits the client, but also benefits the entire industry. 


I always refer to the process of hiring vendors as a Pie Chart. Each piece of the pie is necessary to create the whole, but the pieces can all be different sizes - and need to be different sizes. Events require the basic essentials - food, beverage, entertainment, shelter. Then you have enhancements like florals and decor (where we are happy to help!) and then finally the extras - photo booths and donut walls. We work with clients to see where all of these pieces of the pie fit in their budget and that they are hired in the most thoughtful and meaningful slices. 


In all of those conversations, we talk about value and quality. We truly believe that hiring the best quality vendor you can possibly afford is always a good idea. Weddings today are major investments, not only financially, but emotionally. We always encourage our clients to invest in vendors that will deliver on their promises and be a sound investment for their future. We look for vendors with professionalism, but also heart and soul. A recent client chose a song lyric from Mumfor & Sons for a sign at the wedding. It think it fits the wedding planning process and vendor relationships too....

Over the years at NSE, we've worked with hundreds of vendors and formed friendships and relationships that truly make our work better than it ever could be on its own. We've leaned on these partners in times of need and been there for them just the same. We love sharing our knowledge with clients, guiding them towards sound investments that will pay dividends on their wedding day! 

Looking for vendors for your wedding day or special event? Interested in becoming a preferred NSE partner? Let's talk!