Wedding Day Coordination.... What exactly will we do?

At nearly every initial consultation, we answer the question, "So what exactly do you do on the Wedding Day?" This question makes us giggle a bit, as thousands of moments flash before our eyes of the countless things we do as "Day-Of" wedding coordinators. The role of event coordinator lies at the very foundation of our company. It is the critical glue that holds the many facets of the event together and the insurance policy over the best laid plans on the most important (and probably expensive) day of one's life. What we do typically follows a set of standard activities - oversee set-ups, communicate with vendors, manage the timeline - which are all important and necessary examples of "what we do," but it's the unexpected and impossible to predict things that we do that make all of the difference...

Photo Credit:  ONE:ONE Creative

Photo Credit: ONE:ONE Creative

With over 8 years of weddings under our belts, we could tell stories for days about the many things we've done on a wedding are a few classics....

1. Find a needle in a haystack. When the bottle of Kosher white wine needed for the Jewish wedding ceremony accidentally hit the floor and broke in the groom's suite at a North Shore resort, NSE scoured the city of Duluth to find the exact bottle, purchase, and deliver before the Bride could ever be the wiser. 

2. No vendor, no problem. We've worn so many hats out of necessity and fortunately our experience makes them all possible. Officiant doesn't show? No problem, Mariah will marry you. DJ ditches out? Pandora and a blue tooth speaker will do until we've tracked down a replacement. Catering short staffed? Grab a tray and start serving. There isn't a role we haven't played when the show must go on...

3. Windy city. The wind picks up just as you are heading down the aisle and threatens your beautiful backdrop. No worries, we'll crouch behind it and hold it steady during the entire 45 minute ceremony.

4. Rings gone missing. The Best Man realizes he doesn't have the rings mid-ceremony. With the slightest eye contact, we instantly know what happened, scour the church for the rings and sneak them up the side aisle and into the hands of the closest groomsman. They make their way down the row and into the hands of the Best Man, who breathes a sigh of relief and escapes humiliation.

5. Dress disasters. Broken bustles, split seams, alterations of all varieties. You name it, we've sewn it, zip tied it, pinned it and avoided wardrobe malfunctions of all shapes and sizes. Our emergency kit is full of tools for just these occasions.


We'd be remiss not to mention a few more of our most often appreciated skills - Groomsmen wrangler, babysitter, designated driver, bartender, counselor, hair dresser, make-up artist, sparkler send-off coordinator, calligrapher, and let's not forget....plumber. 

We love every single one of our roles and we believe in the necessity of everything we do on an wedding day. We can't always predict our every task, but we can guarantee putting whatever might arise in our hands it will be the best investment you've ever made.

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