Our Secret Sauce...

A happy (some of the ) family photo with our finished product!  Photo Credit:  Sternberg Studios Photograhy

A happy (some of the ) family photo with our finished product!

Photo Credit: Sternberg Studios Photograhy

Last week, Team NSE reached new heights with the execution of a corporate destination event management project. Planned over three months, we created a complex program of activities and events to show off Duluth's best for 150 guests over 4 days - many visiting for the first time. We worked with trusted local partners and talents to pull it off. We're very grateful that Mother Nature cooperated too! On every possible level, it was a home run.

On the final evening, the company owner toasted the group and said something that truly resonated with me...."Being a family is our secret sauce." I couldn't relate more. At NSE, being a family is also our "secret sauce." From our relationship as a team to the way we connect with our clients, we are family. Plain and simple, we care. We go above and beyond to make the special event moments into memories and we work as a team to make (seemingly impossible) things happen. 

I am proud of my Team, just as I am proud of my own children. On Friday night, a company executive sought me out to share how impressed he was with three of our Team that assisted him at Gooseberry Falls earlier that day. Brittany, Rebecca, and Morgan guided 80+ participants through a leadership exercise. The executive commented that their own leadership, problem-solving, and enthusiasm truly astounded him and impressed all who participated. What an incredible compliment. I am so proud of these women, and all of the NSE team for their individual feats each and every day. I hope they are proud of themselves! 

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