The Women In Our Lives...

The Women in our lives...where would we be without them? I've never been so grateful for the beautiful women that surround mother, my sister, my daughters, my staff, my friends and family, I am blessed beyond measure. Winter 2018 brought challenges and life lessons I didn't see coming. From my grand-father's death in January, to my unfortunate accident on top of a mountain in British Columbia in February, I have been helpless, humbled, hurt, and inspite of it all, intensely happy. I owe this to the women in my life. ***Of course, no offense to my darling husband and his immense love and support, but with his travel schedule and demanding work, he couldn't be my only rock. 

When women face stressful situations they gravitate towards a "tend and befriend" response, a biological result of the need to strengthen relationships and hold down the fort. Women rush in with meals, play dates, coffee deliveries, and conversation. These were exactly the overatures I needed to make it through days stuck at home, one-armed and heavily medicated. The army of women in my life flooded in and surrounded me with the love and acts of service my love tank so desperately needed. They were the wind beneath my broken wing...

This experience really got me thinking (yes, I've had lots of time to sit around and think - for better or for worse) and it really made me realize just how much all of this relates to the work we do at Northland Special Events. In innately stressful sitatuions, we tend and befriend our clients. We swarm their special day with love, acts of service, words of affirmation, coffee deliveries and whatever the love tanks need to get through. We wrap our arms around the families and they know with us they will survive. I am so happy to be getting back to my role in this work and gearing up for a busy events season - bring it on!

On this International Women's Day, take a moment to think of the women in your life and tell them how much you appreciate them. This is my shout out to all the women in my life - THANK YOU - for being there every day. Remember how powerful you can be if you follow your instincts and be YOU. 

With love,