September 10th...

- A re-shared post from our previous website/blog, originally posted in September 2016 - 

Photo Credit: Alicia & Jared by On3 Design. . Lyndsey & Al - we love you!

Photo Credit: Alicia & Jared by On3 Design. Lyndsey & Al - we love you!

The MOST anticipated, feared, discussed date of the 2016 "wedding season" and perhaps in all of NSE history... and it's over. Just. Like. That. We knew this date would be epic from very early on in our booking cycle. For some reason, this particular date began booking early and every time we turned around it seemed a new couple wanted to books us for this date. Because we are a little bit crazy, and get attached to couples as soon as we meet them, AND we have a really hard time turning couples away, we booked them ALL - Eleven events in total. To put this in perspective, we have?built NSE from a handful of weddings in a summer to over 150 in 2016, with an average weekend of 5-6 weddings. We've always paced our growth to ensure the quality of our delivery and the attention we can give to each and every client... September 10th proved to challenge that pace and push us to deliver at another level...

And we did it. And we did it well... in fact, I'd say we ROCKED it! I want to take a moment to recognize the contributors to this success. This is not an easy job and all of these people gave it their all.

  • Super-Human Event Specialists. These women lead each of their teams to success through a week of illness, late nights, curveballs, and lots of mud to create memories for their clients. Tami, Yana, Michaela, Kyla, Alicia, Ellen, Arianne and Bridget. You all make me so proud.
  • The Fleuristas. Sara, Kaitlyn, Sydney, Yana and our guest Fleuristas Diane and Stephanie cranked out epic numbers of bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, pew swags, ceremony arrangements, floral hair combs, floral head wreaths, pomanders, garlands, and more... that's A LOT of flowers. Unpacking the boxes alone took an entire day! I loved creating magic with you ladies and obsessing over each and every bouquet. Even in a high-volume situation we will gave each and every bloom our finishing touch!
  • The Signage Artist. We are so fortunate to have such talented artists on our team and we must recognize our signage artist extraordinaire, Stephanie, for her work not only for Sept. 10th, but over the past few years. Her talent is boundless and her perfectionism unmatched. Her hand created 100's of personalized chalkboards, mirrors, windows, canvases, and just about any other surface she could write on and these special touches brought our designs over the top every time!
  • The Assistants. You are the life-blood of our team! Assistants must be flexible and fearless. You never know what you might be doing when you show up to an event, but you always know you'll be working hard. Thank you for that hard work. I LOVED watching our assistants learn and grow throughout the entire busy season and I can't wait to see many of them move on to new roles within the company in the future!
  • NSE Friends & Family. With many of our staff headed back to school after Labor Day, we found ourselves in a pickle staffing eleven events, especially when the season would wind down significantly after the 10th. That's where our amazing Friends & Family stepped up to help us get the job done! A huge thank you to all of those that filled in our crews and took on so many tasks. We are grateful and hope you had fun! Maybe you'll even join our team in the future. We are also so thankful for all of the family support we receive from our husbands and children. We know giving up so much time with us over the summer isn't easy, but you stand by us through thick and thin. WE LOVE YOU.
  • Our Clients. You are why we do it. Celebrating your love and making memories for you makes it all worth it. Thank you to ALL of our clients for bearing with us during our busy weeks and understanding when we took a little longer to respond to emails and phone calls. Know that we give each event our all and yours will be no different!
  • Our Vendor Teams. Every wedding or event requires a team of professionals to pull it off. Working with all of these talented, amazing, supportive vendors makes the work all that more satisfying and enjoyable! Eleven weddings gave us a chance to collaborate with a huge number of vendors - old and new - and we loved it. We can't wait to see the photos, watch the videos and tell the stories of these events together. Thank you for being part of our team!

So what next? What date will be our next Sept. 10th? (early prediction:?July 29, 2017) How many events will that date have in store? Where will NSE head next and whose weddings and events will we have the privilege of planning and designing? The future is bright, that much I know...