Finding the Voice of NSE

- A re-shared blog from our previous website/blog, originally shared in August 2016 - 

On August 20, 2016, Northland Special Events will celebrate SIX years in business.six years of bringing magical, personal, fairytale weddings to couples across the Northland. As I approach this anniversary, I find myself reflecting on this experience - growing an events business from scratch - and the "why" behind what motivates me and my team to invest every ounce of our beings into our clients and their events. From day one, I have had a vision of what I hoped this company would become and each day I pinch myself and remind myself that with every successful event, with every happy family, with every thank you, NSE fulfills that vision.I am literally living in my dreams. Recently, however, I realized that missing from this narrative of our experiences (The "What") - well documented in our Instagram photos, Facebook posts, the website - is my voice. And so, as we reboot our blog and revamp our social media, I hope to bring our audience a glimpse into the dreams behind the operation, the vision that's lived in my head and the vast experience I hold and hope to share with all our audience - past, present and future!


It's 3 A.M. on a Saturday night in July and I'm counting close to 20,000 steps walked for the day over 20 hours of work and somehow I am still smiling, laughing, and beaming with satisfaction while the Team and I haul heavy bins, awkward signs, mounds of dirty linen and leftover floral arrangements back to our headquarters at The Vault. Why?

It's Tuesday, 9 P.M. and I've finished my 10th?meeting of the day and I boot up my computer to answer emails and dive into another full day of work. Why?

It's October and I realize I haven't had a weekend off since May, haven't touched my toes to the sand on the beach, and haven't taken a moment to get a haircut and I'm still going strong. Why?

Why? Because the work I do, the work my team does, matters. A quote from one of my favorite television series says it well:

"The business of life is the acquisition of memories. In the end, that's all there is." - Mr. Carson, Downton Abbey

The work we do at NSE is the business of life, we create memories. We plan events with the sole focus of making memories, documenting these memories, and ensuring that these memories turn out positive, inspiring, and everlasting. That's no small feat. Making these memories requires an epic combination of skill sets - creativity, design, engineering, problem-solving, psychology, strength, stamina, grit, and so much more. Making these memories satisfies our deepest emotions and keeps us coming back for more.

For me and the dream I've created at NSE, making these memories is about even more than sending clients away with a successful event, it's about recognizing that as their trusted advisor we facilitated these memories in ways they never could have imagined. We relieved stress, we saved them unnecessary expense, we infused personal details in their decor, we hunted down their favorite flowers, we offered a shoulder to cry on, and we solved problems behind the scenes so that they could dance the night away. We did all of that.

At a recent wedding, I shared a very special memory with a client. I'd worked with the Mother-Of-The-Bride for over a year to plan an epic event for her daughter and future son-in-law who lived out of state. Together we created many memories pouring over paper samples and custom printed napkin designs, squealing about the perfect appetizers, and celebrating when the Bride made it home for planning sessions over holidays. The wedding day could not have been more perfect. Every. Single. Detail. came to life, straight out of the deepest depths of my creative brain, the vision I had for the couple became reality. That made me proud. But, what made me remember "why" happened on the dance floor. My favorite song, "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey echoed through the ballroom. I immediately turned and headed in search of the Mother-Of-The Bride, grabbed her hand and dragged her out on the dance floor. Bold move, I know, but it had to be done. We needed to celebrate and make another memory together. I never stop believing in myself or my Team's capacity to execute memorable events, and neither did she. The happiness, love, and gratitude that filled that ballroom as we danced is my "Why." I know we'll be friends for life and we'll plan many more events together, I hope that's how all of our clients feel at the end of the night. That's the business we're in.

This is a long, wordy, sappy post, but it's my voice, the heart and soul behind Northland Special Events. I plan to share more going forward and dive into many topics related to our work. If you have suggestions, questions, or comments, please do not hesitate to join the dialogue! This is a new forum to talk about the work we do and I feel so liberated opening up the conversation. Let's make more memories..



Owner & Principal Event Specialist

PHOTO CREDIT: The amazing Michelle Sternberg of  Sternberg Studios , who always makes me feel so calm and peaceful. Thank you for taking some very special photos for me!

PHOTO CREDIT: The amazing Michelle Sternberg of Sternberg Studios, who always makes me feel so calm and peaceful. Thank you for taking some very special photos for me!