2018 Trend Report

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”
-F. Scott Fitzgerald


From the first time I read this quote in one of my all time favorite novels, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it resonated profoundly. Growing up and living in a climate with four distinct seasons conditioned me to be ready for change every three months. In fall, the start of school, the chill in the air and the turning of the leaves symbolized a time of transition, reflection and preparation to start anew. I always find myself full of energy and ideas about ‘next year’ and ‘in 2018’ and I love the chance to make plans for the “Best Year Ever.” In a design driven business, I also love the fall for trend spotting and dreaming up new concepts for next year’s events. This is the time of year we start diving deep into wedding and event plans and spending a LOT of time on Pinterest!

And so, we bring you a highlight of some of our favorite 2018 Trends and what to watch for in next year’s weddings and special events. Let us know if any of these spark your attention! We’re always adding to our inventory and we love hearing from our clients about what they’d like to see!

pantone colors.png

1.     Pantone Palette.

It’s bold and muted – all at the same time! We love the push and pull of colors that both amp up the volume and create rich undertones. We can see these shades really popping in bridal bouquets and bridesmaid dresses!

2.     Walls, walls, walls.

When you need more space…..go UP! Last year saw the trend of Donut walls and we love that next year takes the concept and makes it both sweet – and salty! How about a bagel wall or pretzel wall? BBQ sauce wall? Yes, please!

wall design.png
vintage floral.png

3.     Vintage Floral Patterns.

Vintage pieces have been all the rage for some time, but 2018 will see an upsurge in floral prints in wedding fashion and décor. These prints have a special place in my heart – they make me nostalgic for my grandmother’s floral wall paper! A perfect addition to the ever popular, blush and gold palette, floral prints add another layer of femininity and beauty. We’re down for that!


4.     Greenery Backdrops.

green backdrops.png

 This is one where we are right on trend and already planning to create some stunning greenery backdrops in 2018. With last year’s Pantone color of the year being “Greenery,” it’s no surprise that all things green are trending right now. Walls of boxwood, moss, or ferns bring the outside in and range from rustic to preppy. We can never seem to get enough green…


Be inspired. Life starts all over again and again and again each season and there’s always next year!


With Gratitude,

Mariah & Team NSE